Ring Name: The “Full Nelson” Nelsonizer

From: Knoxville, TN

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 233 lbs

Ring Debut: June 3, 2000

Trained By: Scott (Wilcox) Bishop


Born and raised in and around the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Nelson broke into the wrestling business at a young age of 14 and was trained by Scott Bishop by what is known as the “Old School Method”.

Debut match was June 3, 2000 against Matt “Knuckles” Talent in Clinton, TN for Volunteer Championship Wrestling inwhich engaged a journey wrestling at shows all over Tennessee. Late 2010 the journey led to wrestling shows in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Currently you will find Nelson enjoying life and spending time with his Family while wrestling and giving “The Full Nelson” to his opponents all over the South East!