Scott (Wilcox) Bishop

(LEFT) Jason “Wrecker” AKA Benjamin Steel, (RIGHT) Scott (Wilcox) Bishop

Trained as a Professional in June of 1981, by Rusty Roberts, Rick Connors, Tony Anthony and Big Jay Wiedner. His Professional debut was a win over The Black Angel in July of 1981. Trained in, what is now known as “The Old School Method”, Scott sees most young, up and coming wrestlers as only half trained and not ready for the mat.

Scott wrestled for five years as a singles Wrestler, under a mask, as “The Magnificent Mister Majestic.”

In 1986 Scott Enlisted in The U.S. Army where he wrestled on occasion for various Independent Promotors across the country. After being discharged in 1989, Scott left the Army and Mr. Majestic behind.

In 1990 Scott met Brian Worley and formed a partnership to become The Original Border Patrol. In 1991 Brian gave up wrestling for a short time and Scott found Gabriel Casteel and Trained him as a new partner. Legal problems caused The Border Patrol to change their name to The U.S. Marshals in January 1998.

In 1999 Jason Justice began training to become the next and final member of The U.S. Marshals.

Scott Bishop is known for training Gabe Casteel, Jason Justice, Jason “The Wrecker” Benjamin/Benjamin Steel, Nelsonizer and Shawn Shultz.